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Pedodontic dentistry is a highly specialized field of dentistry that soley focuses on the treatment of children. Pediatric dentists specialize in a wide spectrum of conditions affecting dental development in youth. Most common pediatric dentistry services include fillings, extractions and preventative treatments. Pediatric dentists also promote the overall dental health of children as well as serve as educational resources for parents.



Check-Ups & Cleanings


As a child we know that brushing and flossing their teeth is not a top priority in their lives! We encourage all parents to bring their children in for their regular check-ups every 6 months to help keep their mouths clean and  healthy. At these check up all issues regarding oral health may be addressed and it also gives us the chance to educate our patients on how to properly brush and floss.

Stainless Steel Crown

Stainless steel crowns are prefabricated crowns that are used on permanent teeth primarily as a temporary measure. The crown protects the tooth or filling while a permanent crown is made from another material. For children, a stainless steel crown is commonly used to fit over a primary tooth that's been prepared to fit it. The crown covers the entire tooth and protects it from further decay. When the primary tooth comes out to make room for the permanent tooth, the crown comes out naturally with it. In addition, a great advantage in having stainless steel crowns for children's teeth is that they don't require multiple dental visits to put in place and are more cost- effective than porcelain crowns. 




Unfortunately for all of us, chewing surfaces are difficult to keep clean. Sealants act as a barrier to prevent cavities. They are a plastic material usually applied to the chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars where decay occurs most often. Thorough brushing and flossing helps remove food particles and plaque from smooth surfaces on teeth, it is still difficult to reach all depressions and grooves to extract food and plaque. Sealants protect these vulnerable areas by "sealing out" plaque and food. Sealants can offer protection against tooth decay and improve your child’s chances of staying filling-free. 

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a strong, durable and esthetic filling material that imitate the natural enamel of your tooth providing optimum esthetic results. These fillings are made from a metal free, resin material that look and feel just like your natural teeth. 


Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide is a "no needle" (no injection) approach that many find appealing for a more relaxing experience. If you are reluctant to having dental procedures done due to anxiety, this can  help address some of those fears that keep people from going to the dentist. Nitrous oxide is administered through a demand-valve inhaler over the nose that only releases gas when the patient inhales through the nose.

What are the advantages of nitrous oxide?

  • Nitrous oxide works very rapidly - it reaches the brain within 20 seconds, and relaxation and pain-killing properties develop after 2 or 3 minutes.

  • Other sedation techniques have a fixed duration of action (because the effects of pills or intravenous drugs last for a specific time span), whereas gas can be given for the exact time span it's needed for. It can also be switched off when not needed and then switched on again.

  • The gas is eliminated from the body within 3 to 5 minutes after the gas supply is stopped. You can safely drive home and don't need an escort.

  • No injection is required. In cases of very severe needle phobia, getting laughing gas first can help you feel relaxed enough to allow the needle required for IV sedation to be inserted in your arm or hand. The very deep state of sedation achievable through IV sedation will then allow you to accept local anaesthetic.

  • Inhalation sedation is very safe. It has very few side effects and the drugs used have no ill effects on the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, or brain.

  • Inhalation sedation has been found to be very effective in eliminating or at least minimizing severe gagging.

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